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B.C.U. - Wolf Creature

This is a game asset from the B.C.U (Beast Control Unit)
B.C.U. is a third person shooter game, where the players goal is to destroy a spore infection that has spread on the land. Creatures, like the wolf were infected and are hostile towards the player.

One of the 4 featured creatures that the player would encounter in the game
The wolf is a dangerous enemy and attacks the player when detected

The grass and rocks are not assets featured in the game. They were made for beauty shot renders

Original concept design by:

Modeled, Unwrapped, Rigged, and Animated in Blender
Rendered in Toolbag
Textured in Substance Painter
Post Render in Photoshop

Alex wong wolf postrender
Alex wong wolfrun

Run Cycle GIF Animation

Alex wong wolf conceptart

Original concept art by: Skye Vidler
This concept also includes the infection parts on the body of the wolf

Alex wong wolf profiles