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Arc Wind (WIP) - 2019

Wanted to return to my original roots of designing advanced fighter jet designs.
It was also about that time, I should create the successor to the old Ark Wind fighter jet:

With new skills developed since making the original Ark Wind, this new project far surpasses the old one, from mesh optimization, rigging, uvw unwrap, texturing, and game asset optimization.

More renders to come in the near future!!

Made in Blender
Textures made in Substance Painter
Rendered with ToolBag
Post Rendering with Photoshop

Alex wong postrender cloud

Beauty Shot Render of the new Arc Wind Fighter Jet

Original Background Photo by Stacey Gabrielle Koenitz Rozells on Unsplash

Alex wong postrender sunset

Second Beauty Shot Render

Original Background Photo by Erdinç Ersoy from Pexels

Alex wong arcwind frontshot
Alex wong arcwind underbellyshot

Underbelly Shot

Alex wong arcwind angleshot
Alex wong arcwind wheelcontrol

Landing Gear Control

Alex wong arcwind wingcontrols

Main Wing Rig Control

Alex wong arcwind breakcontrol

Brake Control

Alex wong arcwind enginecontrols

Engine Thrust Control

Alex wong arcwind missilecontrols

Internal Weapons Bay Control

Alex wong arcwind aileroncontrols

Aileron Flap Control

Alex wong aircraft concepts

Original concept art sketches in the early design phase

With top, bottom, side and 3/4 views

Final design was altered during the modeling phase